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How to Become a Successful Agent

How to Become a Successful Betking Agent

Are you looking to start-up your own personal business as a Betking agent in Nigeria? You are probably wondering where to start from. Not to worry, I got you covered. There are quite a lot of businesses that Nigerians can invest into, and being a Betking agent can be a very lucrative one of those businesses.
I am writing about this business idea because you can do it. So long as you have self-control and a capital of about N100,000 and above
The good news is, you will get some of your capital back in no time.
Requirements Needed in Other to Start and Succeed as a Betking Agent

1-2 thermal printers: These are printers for printing out coupon/tickets to customers. Each printer might cost about N30,000 – N35,000. There are also smaller printers which should cost about N15,000 – N20,000.Before you think of applying as a Betking agent, you should first see if you meet the following requirements;

  • A shop: You can get a shop for as low as N3,000 – N5,000 per month (depending on your area). Your shop should have enough space to contain your customers and a minimum of 5 cashiers.
  • 2-3 laptops: Look for laptops that are cheap, and can serve you every day (no need to buy the expensive types). You can get a laptop of about N15,000 – N30,000. But make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Booking system: booking is what make your shop unique and it automatically increases your weekly commission. your shop must be designed either for 6 booking system (standard shop),10 to 15 booking system (MEGA SHOP) or 20+ booking system (A-CLASS SHOP).
    Note that thin-client is mainly use for booking system instead of laptop.
  • 1-2 thermal printers: These are printers for printing out coupon/tickets to customers. Each printer might cost about N30,000 – N35,000. There are also smaller printers which should cost about N15,000 – N20,000.
  • Stable internet: You need a fast and stable internet connection for a quicker service. You have an option of using a wireless connection, a modem connected to each laptop (you can share one modem to all the laptops) or you can use a mobile phone hot-spot. Check to see what network goes faster in your area.
  • Generator/power supply: Of course, you need to use a generator when the power supply goes off. When buying a generator, make sure it can power all your device and electronics comfortably
  • No close competitor: Make sure there are no other Betking agent within 10 minutes of walking distance to you. Make sure you check properly, and confirm there are no Betking shop around you.
    Now that you know all the requirements needed in other to become a successful Betking agent in Nigeria, do you still want to proceed? Let’s see how you can register.
How to Register as a Betking Agent

Click on agent form Or Call/ WhatsApp 0902 552 0833, 07068448777 . When you submit your application, your status might be one of the following;

  • Pending Validation: It means your application has just been received and it’s been reviewed.
  • Assigned to CE: Your application is being reviewed by Commercial Executives.
  • Assigned for inspection: Betking representatives has set up a date to inspect the shop you provided.
  • Rescheduled for inspection: For some reason, a Betking representative has set a new date for inspection.
  • On hold: This may be due to lack of information or feedback from you. Maybe, you didn’t upload a clear image of your shop, e.t.c
  • Rejected: You didn’t meet the requirements. But you can try again after you have rectified the issue.
  • Approved: Once you passed the inspection and basic requirements, a Betking agent account will be created for you and you can start your business.
What are the Benefits of Becoming a Betking Agent

Unlike other betting companies, there are different benefits been given to agent who register with Betking company. Below are some of them;

  • Once you register as a Betking agent, you get an initial deposit of N25,000. Now, you have gotten your capital back even before your customers start rolling in.
  • As an agent, you can earn up to 30% weekly commission on every sale you make. Take for example, if you sell (Depends on the number of sellections) N100,000 in a week, you’ll be earning N30,000 for that week.
  • Zero risks or liability; No matter if your customers win or loss. You still get your commission.
  • Betking offers training to their agents to keep them up to date with the latest development and practices.
  • Agents stand a chance of getting bonus every week, from playing Betking league.
  • Betking provides good customer care support to their agents whenever they need help.
  • Betking agent also enjoy decoders as well as free installation for virtual games.
    Monthly bonus on turnover.
    Every month, Betking issue an award called “Kingmaker of the month”. This is also to reward agents who performed very well in terms of sales, customer experience and accountability.
    Below are the criteria for winning this award:
    • Trade on both sport and virtual products.
    • Your shop must be open for at least 28 days.
    • Make sure to always credit your account on time.
    • Show improvement in sales.
How Much Can You Earn as a Betking Agent

There is no specific amount that an agent can earn. It all depends on your hard work.
The secret to earning big is starting up a shop in a well strategic area, like any busy environment or a market place where you have lots of population.
The more sales you make, the higher your commission. It’s also very possible for you to earn up to N100,000 weekly.
Like I said before, it all depends on your hard work. for more information
WhatsApp/Call: 07068448777 , 0902 552 0833