Agent Benefits

New Sportsbook Bonus

Good news for all BetKing Agents. Agents can now earn much more with the new Sportsbook bonus. The new sportsbook bonus offers agents the chance to earn as high as 40% up from 25% previously.







Monthly Sports Bonus = X% of Gross Profit - Total Commission where X is determined by the average number of selections for the month under review as shown in the table above.

Things to note include:

  • Minimum monthly stakes remain N150,000.
  • The bonus will continue to run based on the existing monthly cycle.


Each row represents a ticket placed in a shop with the stake value and number of selection on the ticket. 










Total Stake: 150,000  

Total Weighted Stake: 1,260,000 

Average Number of Selections:1,260,000/150,000 = 8.4 

The average number selection falls within group 4 based on the breakdown table, so 

  • Monthly Sportsbook Bonus = 40% of Gross Profit – Total Commission 


Points to Note 

  1. The new monthly sportsbook bonus calculation will be applicable to bets placed from the 30th of August 2021. 
  2. The first payment will be made on the 27th of Sept. 2021. 
  3. The monthly sportsbook bonus will no longer be calculated using a flat percentage. 
  4. The monthly sportsbook bonus is only applicable to the sportsbook product 
  5. The monthly sportsbook bonus is applicable to sportsbook bets placed from cashiers and subaccounts only 
  6. The monthly sportsbook bonus will continue to run based on the existing monthly bonus cycle. 
  7. Only settled bets sportsbook bets within the month under review will be factored into the calculation 
  8. The minimum stake value per month for qualification remains N150,000. What this means is that the bonus will not be calculated if the sportsbook sales value is less than N150,000 for the month under review. 
  9. You will be able to track and check the bonus calculation on the agent bonus dashboard.